DML has appeared on numerous national and local TV and radio programs.  He's built a reputation for being a passionate patriot who tells it like it is. He defends the American people at all costs but never loses respect for those with differing opinions.  In addition, he is a popular speaker who draws hundreds of people.

To book Dennis for Tv/Radio/Speaking, contact Mary at

Media Reviews

"It's a remarkable documentary."
- Gov. Mike Huckabee

"The information in this film (TCTA2) is great.  It's a must see."
- Sean Hannity, FOX NEWS

"Oscar worthy. You won't be able to stop watching."
- Brian Kilmeade, Fox & Friends

"Amazing film."
-Andrew Wilkow, THE BLAZE TV

"Lynch pulls off what few documentarians ever do.  This is truly a MUST SEE."
- Durango Herald

"Every American must see this film.  And NOW!"
- Joe Pags, WOAI Radio

"You must see this excellent film."
- Congressman Steve King, IOWA

The best immigration film Americans have ever been treated to.  This can change things!"
- Barry Farber, CRN Radio

"Fabulous and important."
- Roger Hedgecock, National Radio Show

DML accomplishes what so many of us have been trying to do for 20-years... He put an American face on illegal immigration."
- Joyce Kaufman, Radio Show South Florida

"Dennis provides substance instead of sound bites."
- Armstrong Williams, Author and Radio Host

"Truly a must see!"
- Californians for Population Stabilization

"The best film I have ever seen on the illegal immigration crisis."
- Mike Cutler Hour Radio Show

"The best documentary I've ever seen."
- Garret Lewis, Radio Host KNST AZ.

Buy a DVD and invite the neighborhood. It's that good."
- Curtis Wright, Radio Show Host NC

"Emotionally stunning, makes you rethink what you think you know"
- Dan Rattiner, Manhattan Media 

"It alternately infuriated me, made me laugh and cry."
- Andrea Shea King, The Radio Patriot

"It's the unperfumed reality, and the stench is epic."
- World News Daily

"A brutal look at illegal immigration from both sides.  Lynch must be congratulated for presenting a film with absolutely no political agenda.  He is a compassionate and intelligent film maker"
- Eileen Casey,

"TCTA shows the real problems, politics, and passions that surround immigration in the US."
- Curt Pendergast, Siera Vista Herald

"The film is a documentary indeed, documenting with data, interviews and camera work what many would
still like not to acknowledge, even less deal with."
- Joan Baum, Dan's Papers

"Dennis Michael Lynch's films do nothing short of exposing the truth."

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